No UNTHSC parking on streets west of campus

Wed, Sep 4, 2013

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permitparkingsignTo prevent congestion in the area and to be a good neighbor, please remember that no UNTHSC parking is allowed anywhere this sign is displayed on the residential streets west of campus. Only residents with North Hi Mount Neighborhood Association permits may park there.

Anyone who parks there without a neighborhood association parking permit may be ticketed or towed.

If you need a UNTHSC parking permit, the Parking Office, 3600 Mattison Ave., is open 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Additionally, permits may be purchased online from the Parking Office website and mailed to your address of choice.


7 Responses to “No UNTHSC parking on streets west of campus”

  1. Why are so many vehicles parked without decals or temporary permits? No tickets being issued to violators.

  2. Many parked cars have no UNTHSC parking decals or a temporary parking pass. No tickets being issued. What’s going on?

  3. Gary Gailliard says:

    Ticket writing for permit compliance began on Sept 1 and enforcement has been steady since daily. Prior to that, with new students and permits from the previous year expiring/ renewing, we refrained from ticketing as we do every August during the transitional period for about 7-10 days. We always enforce handicapped/fire lane, and prohibited areas.
    – UNTHSC Police Chief Gary Gailliard

  4. Tommy Hawkes says:

    Directional arrows in East garage have faded. Several times in August I saw, or met drivers going the Wrong Way in the garage. I think they have gotten the hang of it now, but I worry about the days when we let visitors (first timers) in the garage.

  5. bfriauf says:

    Thank you for bringing this up. Facilities Management reports that they will repaint the arrows.

  6. Brian Gladue says:

    Parking in the garages and lots is getting to the point that if you leave for an off-site meeting at any time during the day, you will not have a space to park in when you return. Cars are roaming the garage all the time looking for a space – (which sort of defeats the “green energy” initiative at some level). A parking crunch is already a problem…and it will only get worse when Year 2 of Pharmacy students arrive next year to add to the volume. Is there any plan to add more parking for UNTHSC…especially when side streets seem to be “off-limits”? Or will this only be a problem for those of us without any “reserved for administration” slots?

  7. bfriauf says:

    From Stephen D. Barrett, MBA, Vice President for Operations:

    I am aware that campus parking can be challenging on particular days and times, especially from about mid-August through the end of September.

    We recently added about 40 parking spaces along several streets near and around MET.

    We are also looking at several additional options to minimize the current parking challenges. I have been in conversations with the City of Fort Worth about the possibility of utilizing spaces at Will Rogers as overflow parking. We had many faculty, students and staff that used to park at Will Rogers prior to the City of Fort Worth implementing a daily fee to park at Will Rogers. We also expect to open about 90 additional spaces in Parking Lot 14 (map on below link) around December 1st.


    Other options to be evaluated include campus scheduling, carpool incentives and shuttle service from remote lots such as Farrington Field.

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