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Thu, Jun 27, 2013

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Su Cole is losing it.

So far, 20 pounds and 4 inches. Her BMI, cholesterol and blood glucose are dropping.

“When I went to the doctor, she said, ‘You made my day!’” says the UNTHSC grant and contract specialist. She’s thankful she found Team Lose It, a program offered by the Office of Health Promotion. Team Lose It combines exercise, nutrition and accountability to ensure weight-loss success.

Cole is among 15 women who have used the program. Now, Team Lose It for Men is gearing up. Application deadline is July 5 for the group that starts July 12.

Before Cole joined Team Lose It in February, she used Weight Watchers, only to shed pounds that came back. She also tried the Scarsdale Diet. No luck.

But that changed when she started Team Lose It. What she likes:

-        Participants are committed to getting healthier.

-        Strength & Fitness Manager Chelsea Barron and Personal Trainer Charlie Hay provide nutrition advice and recipes. (Pictured are Chelsea Barron, Su Cole, Charlie Hay.)

-        She’s learned how to work out; for example, short bursts of faster running are better than simply adding time on the treadmill.

-        She can do her workout during her workday at the Founders’ Activity Center. She trains with Barron and Hay.

-        Participants encourage and hold each other accountable.

Cole’s motivation started with the loss of her brother to a heart attack at age 44. Now, she’s encouraged by co-workers who are with her on the journey toward fitness.

She’s one-quarter of the way to her goal. “I update my Facebook friends every week,” she says. “Everyone’s pulling for me!”

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