Library Courtyard progress report

Thu, May 9, 2013


courtyard fountains May 9 was a momentous day!

The fountains were tested.

Also, delivery of trees began. They’ll be planted as weather permits. (Trees are in the background of the top photo, waiting to be unloaded from a truck.)

When complete, the courtyard will provide an outdoor commons area and a view of the Lewis Library from Montgomery Street.

The courtyard and landscaping will help create solutions for a healthier community by providing green space and an attractive, inspiring place for study, discussion and reflection.

In the bottom photo, lace-bark elm trees were unloaded and staged along Montgomery Street on May 9. They will be planted farther north in the courtyard.

tree staging courtyard 1 connectRead more and see renderings in an archived post.


2 Responses to “Library Courtyard progress report”

  1. UNTHSC Student says:

    Why haven’t the power lines on Montgomery been buried in from of the commons area? Has anyone else noticed this is the only place on the whole street they are above ground? Why spend millions on this area and not adress this eyesore?

  2. bfriauf says:

    You’re right! The power lines are to be buried as part of the courtyard construction project. This will begin when scheduling with the utility companies and the City of Fort Worth is complete.

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