Shooter preparedness can help you survive

Mon, Apr 22, 2013

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aerialPlanning what to do in a crisis will help prepare you if the unthinkable happens. To help students, faculty and staff survive an active shooter situation on campus, the UNTHSC Police Department, Student Affairs and Safety Office presented advice in a noontime session April 9.

The basic three steps: remember the “outs”:

-          Get out – If you can exit the building safely, do so.

-          Hide out – If you’re unable to exit, find the most secure room, lock the door and turn out the lights.

-          Take out – If you must confront the shooter, totally commit to incapacitating him.

There are more “outs” to remember:

-          Figure out: Assess the situation quickly. Re-assess when necessary.

-          Call out: When you’re out of danger, call UNTHSC Police at 817-735-2600.

-          Spread out: If you’re hiding out with others, don’t huddle together. Each of you should find something to hide under or behind. It’s harder to shoot multiple people if they’re spread out.

-          Help out: If you can safely render aid to others, do so.

Get the word:

If a gunman appears on campus, you’ll be notified via Red Alert. Keep your contact information up to date. Click here.

Help prevent violence:

If you feel uncomfortable about someone’s behavior, tell someone:

-          Police

-          Professor

-          Clinic supervisor

-          Care Team: 817-735-2740, careteam@unthsc.edu

Or Emily Mire, MPH, Student Services Coordinator II, 817-735-5172

or Trisha VanDuser, EdD, Student Services Executive Director, 817-735-2508

Click here for the PowerPoint


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